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Universal access to trade via Desktop, Mobile, Tablet and Web Browser (For FREE - No Monthly Platform Fees).
Used by Millions of Traders Worldwide
Think of MetaTrader5 as the Canvas and the Thousands of Trading Apps (add-ons) as the Paint.
MetaTrader5 comes with all the basics and unlimited opportunity to customize your platform by adding any of the add-ons or creating your own with the built-in MQL5 Wizard.
The MetaTrader Market is the world’s largest store of applications for financial trading can be accessed Directly from the Market tab of your trading platform or from the web.
Quick Search of the Meta Market you will find most Chart types, Thousands of Automated Trading Robots & Indicators
MetaTrader 5 Main Features:
  • Thousands of Trading Apps (Add-ons) - Robots & Charting Indicators
  • Virtual Hosting (VPS) - Run your trading robots and signal subscriptions 24/7
  • Trade Alerts - set up an alert to notify you about a desired trade event
  • Web Trading Terminal - any browser & operating system, including Windows, Mac, Linux
  • MQL5 Wizard- Quickly & Easily Create your own Auto-Trading Robot and Indicators
  • MT5 Strategy Tester - Test and Optimize your trading robot before you use it for real trading
  • MetaEditor - Compile programs generated become automatically available in MetaTrader 5 for Trading
  • Mobile Trading - Trade anywhere using your smartphone or tablet (iPhone & Android)
  • Automatic Real-Time Trade Copying (Signal Sharing) - Copy the trades of other traders or share your trading

market statistics of financial instruments traded in the exchange execution mode. In order to view the statistics, open the menu of any symbol in Market Watch, and select 'Statistics'.

New MetaTrader 5 iOS build 1649 with market statistics of financial instruments.png

Also, operations with positions in the Trade tab have become more convenient in the new build. Now, a single tap on a position or order will reveal the detailed information and available actions, such as closing, modifying or increasing the position volume, as well as opening the chart of the position symbol. Download the mobile application

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